go it alone / blue monday - "split" 7"/CD

A Split EP from Go It Alone and Blue Monday.

Pressing summary:
- CD (still in press)
1st press: 24 test presses, 135 blue/orange swirl, 135 clear blue w/solid blue splatter, 270 blue/black swirl, 1030 white vinyl (930 regular cover, 50 rec release cover, 50 goodbye blue monday cover)
2nd press: 1525 white vinyl with "II" b-side label


24 test presses were made. Test presses have an alternate cover and are hand-numbered. B-side labels have a BLACK Rivalry stamp. Some test pressings are personalized with a hand written name and/or message on the label.

135 BLUE / ORANGE SWIRL (Rec Release, Blue Monday color)

Copies on BLUE / ORANGE swirl are one of 2 "band pressings". This is the "Blue Monday color". These were only available at the record release (Rivalry Showcase #3, February 25th 2006) from BLUE MONDAY.

Copies on Clear Blue w/Solid Blue splatter are one of 2 "band pressings". This is the "Go It Alone color". These were only available at the record release (Rivalry Showcase #3, February 25th 2006) from GO IT ALONE.

270 BLUE/BLACK SWIRL VINYL (Pre-Order color)

Copies on BLUE/BLACK SWIRL were only available via pre-order from the Rivalry website and sold out insanely quickly. They were sent out in chronological order (first come, first serve!) to make it as fair as possible for those who ordered.

1030 WHITE VINYL - 50 Rec Release, 50 Last Tour, 930 Regular

1030 were pressed on WHITE vinyl. 930 had the regular cover. 50 had the Record Release cover (see below). 50 had the "Goodbye Blue Monday" last West Coast Tour cover(s) (see below).

50 of the WHITE vinyl have this record release sleeve. These covers were made for the Go It Alone, Blue Monday split record release show on Saturday, 04/15/2006. Each record also contains a special insert printed on a clear transparency with live pictures, the date of the show, and "THE VOICE OF THIS CITY IS ALL THAT I CAN HEAR".

50 of the WHITE vinyl have this "Goodbye Blue Monday" cover. These covers were made for the last Blue Monday West Coast Tour in April 2006. There are actually 2 variations of this cover. The WHITE paper cover shown here is actually numbered out of 30. There is a RED paper version that is numbered out of 20, rounding out the 50 "Goodbye Blue Monday" covers.


1525 WHITE VINYL with "II" on b-side label

2nd press - 1525 were pressed on WHITE vinyl and have a roman numeral "II" at the bottom of the b-side label.

2nd pressing on white has the "II" b-side label

(NOTE: the picture shown here is actually the GO IT ALONE "The Only Blood Between Us" LP b-side label, but the "II" looks very similar on the record discussed here)

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